Understanding the May 23 UNC System policy update

Categories: Faculty/Staff, Students

On May 23, 2024, the UNC System Board of Governors voted to repeal Section 300.8.5 of the UNC Policy Manual, Policy on Diversity and Inclusion Within the University of North Carolina, and 300.8.5[R] of the UNC Policy Manual, Regulation on Diversity and Inclusion Within the University of North Carolina, and replace them with the superseding Section 300.8.5 of the UNC Policy Manual, Equality Within the University of North Carolina. The new policy was introduced during the April 17, 2024, BOG meeting. 

The Q&A below explains what we know now about how this policy will affect UNC Charlotte. 

What does this policy affect

This policy that affects diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives at North Carolina public universities, 

Does UNC Charlotte have to follow this new policy?
Yes, as a state institution, UNC Charlotte is obligated to comply with all UNC System policies and North Carolina state laws. 

When is the policy effective?
The policy is effective immediately, and institutions must certify their compliance on or before September 1.  

Will this policy affect faculty’s research or teaching? Will it affect student organizations?
No, the policy states faculty’s academic freedom and student organizations are unaffected. 

What is UNC Charlotte doing to comply with this new policy

The UNC System indicated that it will provide additional guidance to help all institutions establish appropriate next steps.  Once we have that information, we will be able to determine what we need to do next. 

When will the campus community hear more about next steps

It may be several weeks before we receive the System’s guidance and can finalize our plans, but we will update campus as soon as we can. 

What will guide UNC Charlotte’s decisions going forward

In our decisions, we will work carefully to continue to foster a welcoming, supportive community that prioritizes student success and retention and the overall wellbeing of faculty and staff while ensuring compliance with the new policy.