Jennifer Webb

Associate Professor of Psychological Science

Respect, fairness, transparency and authenticity. These are the attributes Jennifer Webb strives for when engaging with her students, whether it is one-on-one or in a large lecture hall. Her classroom is a space where students are co-creators in the process of learning, with the goal of enhancing student motivation and learning.

“I do not believe in lecturing at students,” Webb says. “I view the classroom as a creative space for our collective wisdom to dynamically unfold through lively exchanges in which we can comfortably debate the merits of multiple sides of an issue. Engaging this critical lens supports students’ consciousness-raising capacities and cognitive flexibility as personal resources.”

Since coming to UNC Charlotte in 2007, Webb has taught eight courses in the Psychology undergraduate program and four courses for the Health Psychology doctoral program. She developed two new courses for the undergraduate major. In addition, she served as the faculty supervisor of The Beautiful Girls self-esteem enhancement program in local urban middle schools. She is actively involved in the Charlotte Area Network for the Teaching of Psychology.

Webb is the recipient of the 2019 UNC Charlotte’s Bank of America Teaching Excellence Award, the 2010 student-nominated Magical Mentoring Award and the 2017 recipient of the UNC Charlotte Bonnie E. Cone Early-Career Professorship in Teaching Award.