Oscar Lansen

Teaching Professor of History

Oscar Lansen is a teaching professor, an honorific rank in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reserved for only the most outstanding lecturers. He brings innovation and high evaluation ratings to the college and to his teaching.

“I love to teach: to awaken critical inquiry and equip young minds with the essential skills for meaningful action in life and work,” said Lansen, a finalist for the 2019 UNC Charlotte Award for Teaching Excellence.

Teaching at UNC Charlotte for the past 25 years, Lansen has witnessed how societal and structural changes present challenges for today’s undergraduates. He seeks to countermand that by employing classroom innovations, such as experiential didactics, visuals-spatial modeling, collaborative teaching and specialized course design, in order to develop students’ analytical and expressive skill sets. As a testament to his professional excellence, Lansen has received eight teaching awards during his time at UNC Charlotte.

He seeks to engage students in learning by developing course themes and foci that are inclusive of and relevant to the diverse backgrounds of his students. In some courses, he has students view the content through the eyes and actions of their historical peers.

Lansen currently serves UNC Charlotte as Director of History Undergraduate Studies and the History Freshman Learning Community. He also holds a senior leadership position in the Advanced Placement European History Program and collaborates with major history education organizations where he has presented more than 25 workshops, panels or presentations.

In addition to his University commitments, Lansen assists middle school and high school teachers with skill-development tools to better prepare students for college, and tutors first-generation Americans and college students to transition successfully from high school or community college to UNC Charlotte.