Faces - Kelly Proctor

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insurance can be complicated, but the Student Health Center’s Kelly Proctor assists students and parents through the entire procedure. As insurance coordinator, Proctor is one of two individuals who administer the University’s student health insurance plan and waiver process.

“Kay Denny and I respond to a variety of questions covering benefits and claims, as well as the insurance waiver process,” said Proctor. “We also handle the marketing aspects of the program. One of our busiest times of the year is during the summer when we attend all the SOAR sessions.”

Undergraduate students who take six or more credit hours are required to have health insurance. For graduate students, it is three or more credit hours. The University has its own medical plan that provides for in-patient and out-patient care, prescription drug coverage and vision care.

“It’s a pretty extensive plan,” Proctor noted. “Basically, the University requires insurance for fall and spring semesters. So there is an enrollment period with both semesters. For students with their own medical insurance or who are covered by a parent’s insurance, they can go online to complete the waiver process during these same periods to be in compliance with the requirement.”

The start of each semester focuses more on the signup and waiver process. As students need to use the insurance, Proctor said the emails, phone calls or in-person visits focus more on how to submit a claim.

“It can be a complicated process, but given my experience in the industry, I can help guide students and their parents,” stated Proctor. “Student health insurance is important. In the past, students without insurance probably would drop out if faced with a chronic health issue. Now, students who are covered have access to preventative care, which keeps them healthy and in school so they can progress through their academic careers and go on to the next level.”

A native of Virginia, Proctor actually is on her second employment with the University. She served as insurance coordinator from summer 2005 until mid-2008. She returned to the job in 2011.

“I left the University for the birth of my twin daughters and spent time as a stay-at-home mom,” said Proctor. “As it turns out, I was rehired into the same position. Working for the University is challenging and rewarding. You get to work with people from all walks of life, and there is a lot of education to different groups of people who need answers to different pieces of the insurance puzzle.”

Prior to UNC Charlotte, Proctor worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield South Carolina in Portsmouth for two years helping to administer the military’s health insurance program Tri-Care. She also was with Anthem BCBS in Virginia Beach for five years, working with various HMO and Medicaid HMO programs.

She and her husband Chris moved to Charlotte for job prospects. The couple has four children Isabella, 11; Olivia, 9; and twins Ava and Mia, 4. Her daughters keep Proctor busy; however, she is able to find to time for gardening and watercolor painting.