License plate recognition coming to parking permits

When the fall 2017 semester begins, a hanging tag will not be needed to park on campus. Permits will be required still; however, permission to park will be virtual and verified through license plate recognition (LPR).

LPR works based upon the permit purchased. Parking privileges will be assigned to a vehicle license plate and the purchaser’s 49er ID card.

Equipment installed at decks and lots will scan the plate as a vehicle enters. If there is a gate, it will be signaled to lift. In lots without gates, the system recognizes vehicles with virtual permits; enforcement is alerted when cars are parked without permission.

LPR technology needs a clear license plate view. Unless a vehicle is registered in a state that issues both front and rear plates, individuals will no longer be able to park forward-facing without risking a citation. However, for those who have a rear-only plate and backing in to park is preferred, PaTS offers LPR-readable front plates for purchase. This front plate will be tied to the state-issued plate and be valid as long as the plate number remains the same.

Watch this short video for more details. Additional information about virtual permits and license plate recognition also is on the PaTS Permit FAQs page.