University welcomes new employees

UNC Charlotte welcomed the following new staff and faculty members during the May 16-17 New Employee Orientation session:

Charles Skalaski, assistant football coach

Atkins Library
Marjorie Hoomes, university library technician
Clifton Wilson Jr., facilities management technician for building trades

Building Environmental Services
Hope Davidson, building environmental technician
Monica Mitchell, building environmental technician
Gregory Jones, building environmental technician

Center for Academic Excellence
Marcus Bedford, administrative support associate

Center for STEM Education
Lasonja Walker, administrative support associate

Center for Teaching and Learning
Kiran Budhrani, instructional designer

Greg Husted, accountant

Facilities Management
Randall Philemon, facilities management technician for building trades

Housing and Residence Life
Larry Freeman, facilities management technician for building trades
Erendira Picazo Garcia, building environmental technician

Police and Public Safety
Mark Litjes, police officer

Research Services and Outreach
Erica McDaniel, university program specialist

Student Development and Success
Cathy Duke, administrative support associate

Undergraduate Admissions
Acquantina Vargas, administrative support associate

New Employee Orientation, coordinated by the Human Resources Department, is a two-day program offered twice each month for new, permanent SHRA and EHRA employees. For more information, visit the learning and organizational development website.

Photo: (Front row, left to right) Erica McDaniel, Acquantina Vargas, Monica Mitchell, Randall Philemon, Erendira Picazo Garcia, Charles Skalaski, Lasonja Walker and Clifton Wilson Jr. (Back row, left to right) Marcus Bedford, Kiran Budhrani, Hope Davidson, Cathy Duke, Larry Freeman, Marjorie Hoomes, Greg Husted, Gregory Jones and Mark Litjes.