ITS schedules brief outages of systems

Due to a planned building router software upgrade, several buildings, residential halls and parking lots will briefly (5-10 min.) lose access to all systems between 5 and 5:30 a.m. either Dec. 19, 20 or 21. This includes computers, phones, wired/wireless and the internet.

To minimize any inconvenience, the upgrades are scheduled well before normal working hours. The daily schedule is listed below. (Buildings not listed won’t be affected by the outage.)

Tuesday, Dec. 19

Atkins Library, Barnard, Belk Gym, Belk Hall, Bioinformatics, Burson, Cameron, Cato, Colvard, Denny, Duke, East Deck, Education, Facilities Management and Annexes (Police & Public Safety), Garinger, Johnson Band Center, Macy, Niner House, Price Counseling Center, Winningham

Wednesday, Dec. 20
Auxiliary Services, Foundation & Annex, Fretwell, Friday, Health & Human Services, Holshouser, Housing & Residence Life, Hunt Hall, Kennedy, King, Laurel, Levine, Martin, McEniry, McMillan Greenhouse, Memorial Hall, NCRC, Oak Hall, PORTAL, Richardson Stadium, Rose Football Center

Thursday, Dec. 21
Bissell House, Charlotte Engineering Early College, CRI Deck, Harris Alumni, Irwin Belk Track & Field Complex, Reese, Robinson, Rowe, RUPs 1, 2, 3 and 4, Smith, South Village Deck, South Village Dining Hall, Student Activities Center, Student Health Center, Student Union, Woodward