4.9 reasons for students to give back to UNC Charlotte

Monday, April 5, 2021

While it isn’t always possible to pay back the generosity shown toward us, we can always pay it forward by donating to a cause that’s important to us! #NinerNationGives, our University’s annual 49-hours of giving event, is the perfect opportunity for you to give back to UNC Charlotte from April 7-9. 

Here’s why your support matters! 

1) Tuition doesn’t cover everything

The amount that you pay for your tuition each year doesn’t cover many of the important student success initiatives at UNC Charlotte. Many of the opportunities, programs and experiences that we love the most about our University are only available thanks to the generosity of donors who give financially. 

2) To see campus continue to expand

Some of the best study rooms, collections and high-tech spaces at Atkins Library are only available because of donors. This year, the J. Murrey Atkins Library received approximately $48,000 in donations to support those exceptional areas. When you donate, you help spark creativity and bring more world-class spaces to campus. 

3) To give back to those in need

Over the past year, so many people have been hit with unexpected and unavoidable expenses due to COVID-19. But they also lost their jobs and other sources of income. As of Jan. 13, the UNC Charlotte Student Emergency Fund has supported 1,544 students and distributed $532,400 to Niners in need. One of our fellow students, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Thank you so much for this assistance! This is going to help me so much in establishing a safe location for myself.” Donating can help change someone’s life. 

4) Gives us sports teams to cheer on

Giving back to Charlotte 49ers Athletics makes it possible for many student-athletes to succeed on and off the field. As one example, thanks to his athletics scholarship, defensive end Tyriq Harris is now the first person in his immediate family to go to (and graduate from) a four-year college! 

0.9) Your gift will be matched 5x1

Make your gift today and be counted in UNC Charlotte’s 49-hours of giving event, #NinerNationGives. Donations from students will go further than we could ever imagine since they will be matched 5 times by a generous alumni donor.