University Branding Update

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Over the past year, UNC Charlotte has been researching and assessing perceptions of the University’s brand from current and prospective students as well as parents, faculty, staff, alumni and other key stakeholders.  As we seek to raise the institutional profile, it is vital to develop a strong, cohesive and differentiated brand. Learn more about the brand research and development process here.


We are currently in Phase 3 of the brand development, focused on campaign concepting and creation. This entails the development of UNC Charlotte’s brand platform, personality and voice, branding tools and resources, as well as a corresponding media campaign. In addition, it includes a revised logo.


UNC Charlotte currently has two visual identities: The Crown and the All-in-C mark (displayed below). Branding research revealed significant logo confusion among audiences, including the inability to correctly identify UNC Charlotte’s visual mark, and general low logo recognition as compared to other UNC System institutions.

As a part of the campaign development, the University has a revised logo that creates a unified visual identity and brings Charlotte to the forefront. For more information regarding the logo, please visit the brand FAQs page.

NOTE: The revised logo will not be made public until August 19 and will remain embargoed until that time. Merchandise and promotional materials may be ordered from licensed vendors prior to that date, but may not be distributed until August 19.


  • July 12 - Phase 1 and Web-Use Logo Release

University Communications has shared Phase 1 of the revised logo to area communicators this week for merchandise/promotional orders. Here is a list of licensed campus vendors that have the Phase 1 logos.

Phase 1 includes logo variations for the University, Divisions, Colleges and various campus centers, including web-use only instructions. These have been distributed to the respective unit/college communicators to share with their areas. REMINDER: Logos should not be placed on anything that will be used prior to August 19.

Area communicators will reach out to leaders in their units to share files and address additional logo needs shortly after this date.

  • Week of July 19: Name Tag Orders

University Communications will provide faculty and staff with an updated name tag and will begin reaching out to the executive assistants of individual offices and units to ensure name/information accuracy prior to placing orders.

  • Week of July 26 - Business Card and Stationery Templates available

University Communications will share the approved templates for business cards and office stationery the week of July 26. These will be made available for order through 49er Mart.

NOTE: Departments are advised to continue using existing business cards and stationery currently in stock. As new orders are placed, please use the new logo and templates.

  • Week of July 28 - Phase 2 Logos and PowerPoint/Google Slide Template Release

University Communications will share Phase 2 of the revised logo with internal audiences in late July. Phase 2 includes Unit and College sub-brands, administrative offices, and other institutional priorities. In addition, we will share presentation templates for Google Slides.

Area communicators will reach out to leaders in their units once files are ready for sharing.

  • Early August - Rollout Details for Social Media and Communications

University Communications is finalizing the social media and external media campaign that will rollout the new brand platform beginning August 19. This plan will include a corresponding social media toolkit, as well as new social media names, handles and profile images provided by UCOMM to all registered accounts. These will be shared with communicators in early August prior to the campaign launch.

If you have not yet registered your social media presence, please do so here in order to be able to access the rebranded social materials. The social media team will be in touch with more information in the coming weeks.

For more information about the brand development process or FAQs, please visit