Theatre Charlotte production features student, faculty artwork

Theatre Charlotte production features student, faculty artwork
Thursday, March 24, 2022

The current Theatre Charlotte production, “Love, Loss & What I Wore,” features eight artworks by stage tech/design students and faculty from the Department of Theatre and Performing Arts Services. The play by Delia and Nora Ephron runs through April 10 in various locations in Charlotte.

Based on the book by Ilene Beckerman, the play tells stories from women’s lives that are associated with, and prompted by, specific articles of clothing. Each artwork depicts the character and/or the wardrobe item that is key to the story.

Hali Hutchison the costume lab manager in the College of Arts + Architecture’s Performing Arts Services unit and who is on Theatre Charlotte’s Education team, assembled a collective of four students and four faculty to join six other local artists in creating work for “Love, Loss & What I Wore.”

“My creative research is centered on community outreach through costume design and technology,” Hutchison said. “In service of this, I have focused much of my creative design work with Theatre Charlotte, the Carolinas’ longest running community theatre. I have designed costumes for both their main season and the summer youth programming in recent years. Building on their commitment to engaging, inspiring, and uniting the Charlotte region, I aim to find ways to develop student opportunities through my creative research.”

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