Architecture students complete arts district ‘beacon’

Architecture students complete arts district ‘beacon’
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A year in the making, a new installation was completed at the Trailhead Arts District near the CATS Sugar Creek Station. Anchoring the Trailhead Arts District are the Charlotte Art League and the new Independent Picture House. ⁠⁠

Graduate architecture students taught by faculty member Marc Manack designed and built the installation, the Trailhead Arts District Pavilion, which features a tower, corridors, galleries and courtyard that serves three functions.

“It is a beacon to draw people to the site. It’s also a gateway from the cross-Charlotte trail to the building. And the third thing is that it is a backdrop, a scaffold, for performances and exhibitions,” said Manack.

The pavilion celebrated its “grand opening” June 11 at Charlotte Edge Fest, presented by the Charlotte Art League, with live mural painting, musicians, skaters, and other activities.

“The project came from the idea that the University should be more visible in the community,” said Tony Kuhn ’07 M.Arch. “As a graduate, I know how great the program is and want to see more interaction and visibility with the community.”

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