Apps that every Niner needs

Monday, August 1, 2022

Navigating college as a new student can seem scary at first, so I highly recommend this list of apps that helped me find resources, navigate campus, and enjoy amenities throughout my college experience. UNC Charlotte is my favorite place to be, and I hope it will be for you too! So whether you’re embarking on a new journey or you’re a returning student, make sure to download these ten apps so that you’re fully equipped to take on the next academic year:

Niner DestiNation

Niner DestiNation, a central information hub for all things UNC Charlotte, is designed to help connect you with the University. You can discover departmental resources, university schedules, campus maps, and exclusive guides to events like Gold Rush, SOAR, and Family Weekend! Available via Apple AppStore or Google PlayNiner Destination


The LiveSafe app is a critical tool for campus safety. This app allows immediate and discreet two-way communication with community officials using photos, videos, text, and audio and access to resources and numbers if you feel unsafe. It also lets you virtually walk your friends home with SafeWalk, and provides a safety map with secure safety locations. Available via Apple AppStore or Google Play

Passio GO! 

Passio GO!: The Passio GO! app allows you to conveniently track Niner Transit buses on your phone. The app shows live locations of buses, arrival predictions, and helps passengers navigate routes around the UNC Charlotte campus. Available via Apple Appstore or Google Play.



PaTS offers a mobile payment app that allows visitors to conveniently pay for parking in specific areas on campus. Visitors can extend their parking time, view transaction receipts, and receive time expiration alerts on the app as well! The great thing about this app is that it’s also a resource for off campus exploration — allowing you to find affordable parking rates all around the Queen City. Available via Apple Appstore or Google Play

Niner Diners Mobile Ordering

Fast food but make it mobile! Niner Diners Mobile Ordering is a convenient way to order, pay, and pick up delicious food from retail dining locations on campus. Use the app to browse on campus restaurants menus and order from your favorite spot, paying with debit/credit or your student meal plan. You can even receive quick updates on when to expect your order so you won’t spend time waiting in line. Available via Apple Appstore or Google Play.

Dine on Campus

The one-stop-shop for all things campus dining! Using this app, you’ll find dining hall hours, campus menus and the nutritional components of each item, and even customized marketing messages and events. Guests can also leave feedback for dining staff and add their allergen card to help personalize their dining experience. Available via Apple Appstore or Google Play.

Dine on CampusMy College Bookstore

The My College Bookstore app is the hidden gem you didn’t know you needed. Download to use its exclusive offers and discounts, find textbook pricing, receive rental due date reminders, and Barnes and Noble Charlotte store event notifications. Available via Apple Appstore or Google Play.

Papercut Mobility Print

Papercut Mobility Print is your pocket printer on the go! Using 49er account funds, this app simplifies the printing process by allowing students to print from their mobile device. You can quickly and easily print to any REPROS multi-function device, just look for the REPROS stickers found on the printer. For more information, visit Available via Google Play


Tap into your inner DJ using the Rockbot app! This app lets you pick what kind of music you want to hear in the South Village (SoVi) dining hall. Want to hear a specific song? You have the power to request and vote for what song you’d like to hear next while you’re eating. Available via Apple Appstore or Google Play

This is an update to an artcile written by Kiya Ross an intern in the UNC Charlotte Office of University Communications, in August 2021.