OASES updates name for better alignment with services

Monday, November 14, 2022

The Office of Adult Student and Evening Services, better known as “OASES,” is updating its name to better reflect its services to the University. 

Starting this week, OASES now stands for the Office of Adult Students and Extended Services. This change reflects the office’s continued focus on serving UNC Charlotte’s adult student population through expanded services for students. 

With more than 27 years of service, OASES provides a transformational opportunity for adult learners at Charlotte. It offers a variety of programs and services for students, including academic advising, leadership opportunities, scholarships and more. The team also provides extended service hours with assistance before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m. throughout the week.

“OASES is recognized at the UNC System level for its unique commitment to serving nontraditional, adult students,” said Janet Daniel, director of OASES. “OASES staff understand that adult learners in the Charlotte region and across the state are seeking high-value, flexible pathways to complete their degree.”

Debbie Smith, associate director of operations and director of advising, added, “[The office’s] activities and programs provide a sense of belonging and the opportunity to connect with other adult students. OASES staff understand the unique challenges adult students face and assist them in making the transition to the classroom and in developing a successful academic plan for completing a degree.” 

OASES’ impact can be seen in the experiences of current and former Charlotte students.

“OASES has been extremely helpful in guiding nontraditional students as they transition into their new chapters as college students,” said Jessica Franco, a graphic design major who will graduate in fall 2024. “They provide wonderful networking opportunities that allow nontraditional students to feel welcomed and connected to campus.”

Jakob Breunig, a 2018 graduate in religious studies, currently works in higher education as director of enrollment services at Ivy Tech Community College and credits OASES for many of the skills he uses today. 

“From advising to assisting scared students to understanding how scholarships and endowments work, [my experience with OASES] all serves me well in my role,” Breunig said. “It’s funny to look back and think that the whole time I was at Charlotte I was planning and training for an entirely different career.”

Beyond its service to students, OASES serves as a key partner across several divisions of Charlotte. Additionally, OASES works closely with the School of Professional Studies, which connects learners to degrees that can be completed entirely online. The School of Professional Studies relies on OASES to assist with advising and optimizing transfer credits so that adult students can save money and graduate sooner.

“Adult learners are busy juggling demands like work and family while they continue their education,” said Asher Haines, associate provost for the School of Professional Studies. “OASES and the School of Professional Studies are natural partners, and our teams have collaborated on many projects and processes to create a smoother student experience for our students.”

“As Charlotte continues to offer new and innovative degree programs, OASES is poised to serve an even greater number of adult learners,” said Daniel. An updated name and continued excellence service will ensure OASES continues to drive progress for Niner Nation’s adult learners. 

OASES is celebrating Adult Students Week, Nov. 7-11.