University Policy 701 Revised

University Policy 701, Emergency Management, has been revised, effective January 10, 2023. This Policy has been rewritten and retitled to accurately reflect the updated and rewritten Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Specifically, the revisions include:

  • Focusing the Policy on University efforts for emergency response and the importance of preparedness for the campus community;
  • Referencing applicable governing laws and regulations as well as current University Emergency Management Plans;
  • Formalizing the establishment of the University’s Emergency Management program;
  • Setting out clear procedures, roles and responsibilities for Emergency Management;
  • Outlining the use and levels of Operating Conditions based on UNC System requirements;
  • Moving the detailed descriptions of Operating Conditions and their impact on employees to PIM 12, “Accounting for Time Not Worked Due to Hazardous Weather or Other Unusual Conditions.”