Meet Holly Bennett

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Holly Bennet is a first-year master’s student in kinesiology with a concentration in clinical exercise physiology. She is also a teaching assistant in the Department of Applied Physiology, Health and Clinical Sciences, where she teaches anatomy and physiology labs. Learn more about Bennett, who inspires her and her extensive LEGO collection.

Why did you choose UNC Charlotte’s graduate program?

There are several reasons why I chose this program. I grew up 10 minutes down the road from campus, so I am invested in the Charlotte community and would like to play a role in helping it become a healthier place. Another reason is that the program emphasizes gaining practical experience in the field, which will better prepare me for my future as a clinical exercise physiologist.

What are the advantages of working at UNC Charlotte while obtaining your degree?

Working at UNC Charlotte while getting my degree has proven to have many benefits. For starters, it is convenient to work on campus, because I spend a lot of time here doing school work and attending classes. I’ve also cultivated relationships with several of the faculty in my program through my job. Getting to know my professors and advisors outside of the classroom has been great, and I’ve gleaned helpful advice about my field of interest through this opportunity.

What is a fun fact about you many people may not know?

A fun thing that many people may not know about me is that over the last several years I have amassed quite the collection of Harry Potter-themed Lego sets. My favorite has to be Diagon Alley.

In addition to the Charlotte 49ers, who are your favorite sports teams?

I am a big fan of soccer and college basketball. My favorite soccer teams have to be the United States men and women’s national teams. Nothing can beat cheering on your own country in the World Cup. My favorite college basketball team has to be the Duke Blue Devils, which I know can be a pretty polarizing opinion in North Carolina.

Who inspires you the most?

I would have to say that my mom has inspired me the most throughout my life. While my three siblings and I were growing up, my mom worked full time as a teacher and went back to school online to get her master’s degree in counseling. To this day, I still am unsure how she was able to manage her career, school and the crazy schedule of four kids simultaneously. She now works as a guidance counselor at a local Charlotte school. I’ve never seen someone who is more passionate about helping students or someone who cares more about their job than her. She was one of the main people that encouraged me to go to graduate school to pursue my passion of helping others improve their health.

When you are not on campus, what do you like to do?

While not on campus, I love to hang out with my family and friends, play video games and do pretty much anything outdoors. I have recently started to get into disc golf, which has been a lot of fun. I also enjoy working with students while volunteering as a leader for my church’s youth group.

Any advice you would give to graduate students?

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge the faculty in your program have to offer. Every professor and advisor I have reached out to in my program has been more than happy and eager to help guide me in my career. Also, try to get to know your fellow classmates, as doing so makes classes more enjoyable and really helps to establish a sense of community within your program.