Meet Dean Wright

Meet Dean Wright
Thursday, June 29, 2023

Dean Wright is a first-year graduate student pursuing a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in emergency management. He’s also interning for the Office of Emergency Management this summer. Learn about his experience as a student intern, his advice for 49ers pursuing work and why his parents inspired him to go into civil service. 

Why did you choose UNC Charlotte?

UNC Charlotte has a nationally esteemed public administration program. It’s also close to my home so I can commute to the school and save money.

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Dallas, Texas. My family moved to North Carolina in 2013, and we have no plans on leaving. 

What are three words to describe UNC Charlotte to someone who has never heard of us?

Very green school.

What made you want to intern in emergency management?

Due to the field being my degree concentration, I felt that interning for emergency management would help me learn more about the field and give me the tools necessary to work in federal law enforcement or emergency support. 

What’s your favorite part about being a student intern

My favorite part about being a student intern is having flexible hours and varied work activities. I have worked with emergency management on various projects, and it’s interesting to learn and understand the process. They’ve allowed me to pursue independent studies and provide information on certificates applicable to emergency management, making me more educated on the field and providing me with a variety of applicable certifications. 

What advice would you tell students considering an on-campus student internship?

Making connections with faculty and professors and networking is the best way to open up opportunities for internships. Be persistent as well. Failure is likely to occur, but it is about how you respond to failure that matters. By networking with faculty and staff, new work opportunities arise and open up.

 Who inspires you the most

My mother is a community college professor who educates and provides opportunities for thousands of students. My father works in the federal government as a civil servant and ensures that hospitals and nursing facilities don’t compromise the health of their patients. I think my mother and father have influenced my career path. They’ve been there for me since the beginning.