Restructure. Redesign. Optimize.

Photo of a website mock up.
Tuesday, August 8, 2023

University’s website information architecture and redesign project to enhance user experience

UNC Charlotte is currently undertaking a website information architecture and redesign project. The overarching goal is to positively impact user experience throughout the University’s homepage ( and other websites, commonly called subdomain sites, for audiences including prospective students and their families/support systems; community members, current faculty, staff, and students; and other University stakeholders.

At the helm of the work underway is a team comprised of members from University Communications and OneIT/Web Services. Together, they are working with Savas Labs Inc., and stakeholders from across the University who will be brought in to provide valuable input and feedback.

In addition to improving user experience, this project will ensure websites are up to date with best practices and incorporating the University’s 2021 brand update. 

The Savas Labs team began Phase 1A of its work in mid-June and is contracted to lead us during other project phases through the spring of 2024. After the partnership is complete and recommendations for information architecture and design are made, the Office of OneIT/Web Services will implement changes from mid to late 2024.

Graphic that shows the phases of the website redesign project.

Updates will be provided as work progresses and milestones are reached. For more information, refer to this Q&A, and to share other questions, email the core team at