Monday, August 21, 2023

Beep beep! Have you met our newest Niner, CASSI

And no, CASSI isn’t the driver. CASSI is a shuttle, and it drives all by itself. 

CASSI knows what it’s doing. As an electric, driverless shuttle, it seats up to eight passengers. Running the Greek Village Line, CASSI stops at six places on campus and can be tracked in real-time on the Passio GO! App.

Stops include:Popp Martin Student Union West

  • Student Union Deck
  • UNC Charlotte Main Light Rail Station
  • Greek Village 1
  • Greek Village 8
  • Science Building

The best part? It’s free. 

While CASSI does drive by itself, there is always an attendant in case of any emergencies who can assist passengers using wheelchairs or mobility devices, answer questions and provide information about the CASSI program. CASSI cares about safety, which is why it only goes 12 miles an hour and is constantly scanning its surroundings for any obstacles. 

Through a partnership with the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and Beep, the company that operates the shuttle, CASSI serves UNC Charlotte as part of a limited-time, six-month pilot project. 

The results from having CASSI on campus will help sharpen autonomous vehicle technology for future adoptions. CASSI also offers a tremendous opportunity for researchers in the William States Lee College of Engineering and the College of Computing and Informatics, among others, as they collaborate with our pilot partners in a 'working lab' environment.

Make sure to say hi to and get to know CASSI this semester. And when you do, tell us about your experience through this online survey. For other questions, check out the CASSI FAQs.