Wearing green and taking care of patients

Charlotte student nurses with lecturer Michael Armiger
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

UNC Charlotte’s student nurses are amazing! I learned this first-hand two weeks ago when my husband, Todd, was a patient on the cardiac floor at Atrium Health Cabarrus. Todd has atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFIB, and was hospitalized to receive doses of Tikosyn, a medication to control heart rhythm, every 12 hours. On his fourth and final day at the hospital, he had an electrical cardioversion procedure. 

It was a nerve wracking week for our family, to say the least. But what made it better? The care Todd received from the doctors and nurses, especially the nurses in green scrubs. You know, the green scrubs adorned with the UNC Charlotte logo. 

Those student nurses, under the leadership and supervision of Michael Armiger, program coordinator of the RN to BSN program and lecturer in the School of Nursing, took such great care of Todd and me, to be quite honest. They were professional, knowledgeable and caring. They were always smiling and were quick to ask if we needed anything. 

One of the student nurses accompanied Todd to his procedure, which made me feel better. The others kept me company and assured me all would go well. And they were right. 

So, I would like to introduce you to this group of seniors doing their clinical rotation on the PCCU floor at Atrium Health Cabarrus. Student Nurses

Abby Carpenter wanted to become a nurse because of her love for people. She chose UNC Charlotte because of the school's growing reputation, as well as its extensive access to clinical sites and learning resources outside of the classroom. 

“The thing I am enjoying most about my clinical rotation is the confidence I have gained in my communication and nursing skills. There is always something to learn here and I walk away from each clinical day fueled with more knowledge. Something that has surprised me about this experience is the amount of exposure we get as students to other areas of the hospital. We are graciously given the opportunity to explore how other areas of the hospital operate and how different departments contribute to our patients well being”

Reyna Harper enjoys helping and caring for others. She chose nursing after volunteering at different hospitals and seeing her mom excel as a nursing home administrator. On her tour of UNC Charlotte, Harper was captivated by the landscape of the campus and the reputation of the nursing program.

“The nursing program truly wants to see the students achieve, not just in the academic setting, but in the clinical setting as well. Despite various challenges, this program has encouraged me to persevere, be resilient and most importantly, be the best nurse I can be.”

Kaitlyn Lisenby has always been nurturing. She knew she wanted to become a nurse so she could help people through potentially their worst day. UNC Charlotte was the only university that felt like home to her. 

“I really enjoy getting to meet different people and expand upon the knowledge we learn in the classroom through clinicals. This is a career that you definitely learn a lot with hands-on rather than just textbook learning. Something that has surprised me about this experience is how well you get to know a stranger, and how much trust is placed in you. This program, the faculty and the instructors all want to see us succeed, and provide ample resources to see that happen.”

Kayla Moore chose UNC Charlotte because it is one of the best nursing programs in the state. It also helps that her aunt graduated from the nursing program at UNC Charlotte, loved it and is an incredible nurse. 

“UNC Charlotte’s nursing program has been nothing but great for me. The faculty are so helpful and genuinely want to see you succeed. It is a really tough program and requires a big commitment and a lot of dedication, but it is so worth it. Not only are the professors great, but you meet so many people while being in nursing school. From classmates to patients, you are making a difference in so many people's lives.” 

Sadan Shuli comes from a family of UNC Charlotte graduates, both her dad and brother are proud 49er alumni. She chose to pursue nursing because she saw how compassionate nurses were to her mom and how they built a bond and connection with patients. Shuli wanted to do the same for others.

“I am really enjoying learning how to use my critical thinking skills and building on that through this clinical experience. I also really enjoy talking and connecting with patients and learning their stories. Our nursing program is competitive, but for a reason, and if you are truly passionate about nursing then you’ll do well and enjoy it.”

Michael Armiger joined the faculty in the School of Nursing last January. For him, the joy of “teaching” is being there when the rhetorical light bulb illuminates in a student’s eyes at the moment they “get it.”

“Each student brings different lessons, large and small. Every encounter is a reminder to be present in the moment. These learners have solidified the belief that each student is a person first. A scripted lesson plan is neither meaningful nor beneficial for today’s student. Fortunately my students have come to expect me to usually be off script.”

Editor’s note: Today’s “Wear Green Wednesday” feature was written by Jennifer Howe, director of campus and community communications in the Office of University Communications. Do you have a story to share? Email us at ninerinsider.charlotte.edu.