Learn more about the Office of Threat Assessment and Management

Heather Kloeker-Webster
Monday, November 13, 2023

As part its ongoing commitment to campus safety and security, the University established the Office of Threat Assessment and Management within the Department of Safety and Security, under the direction of Heather Kloeker-Webster.

Created in August 2022, the Office of Threat Assessment and Management aims to identify, investigate, assess and manage individuals of concern within the UNC Charlotte community who are demonstrating concerning behaviors or warning signs that indicate they may pose a threat to or commit an act of violent behavior against members of the University community.

Formerly the interim coordinator, Kloeker-Webster was selected from a nationwide search to serve as threat assessment and management coordinator. She leads the office through reported concerns of individuals affiliated with the University, including current and former employees, current and former students, vendors, visitors and guests.

“Essentially, this office facilitates a process for assessing potential behavioral threats and recommends individualized intervention strategies for individuals who may be of concern within the University community,” said Kloeker-Webster. “The goal of this office is to make sure reported individuals, and those who are impacted by their behavior, are receiving interventions, support and resources to aid them in navigating challenging times, while reducing the level of threat.”

Previously, the University had separate reporting structures for students and employees to report concerning behaviors. The formation of this office is a central point of contact for reporting and represents a best practice for ensuring campus safety. Having one office to contact instead of an entity of offices yields more successful cases and keeps individuals from falling through the cracks with the changing of hands.

Kloeker-Webster has consolidated and built upon the existing threat assessment and management framework to provide effective threat assessment processes, coordinate case management and educate the University community. Additionally, University Policy 720, Threat Assessment and Management, was approved, which sets forth expectations for creating and maintaining an educational and work environment that is free from threats and violent behaviors. 

“The need for this office was evident, and Heather has put in a lot of work to facilitate this new office and the policies and programs associated,” said John Bogdan, associate vice chancellor for safety and security. “She has done a great job collaborating with human resources, student affairs and many other departments to ensure the success of this office and its practices.”

To assist the office in addressing incidents of threats and/or violent behavior and contribute to a safe campus environment, individuals are encouraged to report any and all potential threats or violent behaviors within the campus community.

More information about the reporting process is online. Individuals with information to indicate that an imminent threat or violent behavior may exist should contact the Office of Police and Public Safety at 704-687-2200 or use the LiveSafe App. In instances where you may be unsure if your concerns or the behaviors you are observing warrant a report, you are encouraged to reach out to the office for consultation. 

To contact the Office of Threat Assessment and Management, email threatassessment@charlotte.edu.