Notes of gratitude to Niner Nation

Thanksgiving is a time to think about what and who we’re grateful for. There are so many people who make UNC Charlotte special. See who fellow Niners are thankful for on campus.

Notes to facilities crew:

To: The Janitorial Staff
From: Anonymous

“Thank you so much for keeping our campus clean and safe! Your assistance and hard work does not go unnoticed.”

To: Ms. Maria (Cleaning Crew Employee for Scott Hall)
From: Employee for Scott Hall

“I hope this translates well: Muchas gracias por lo que haces. Agradezco tener un baño limpio, gracias a ti. Además, me encanta ver tu sonrisa por las mañanas, es preciosa.”

Notes to roommates, colleagues and coworkers:

To: Dr. Misty Hathcock
From: Manda Stegal

“I am so thankful for you as our NC NTSP director! Your program knowledge, experience in educational leadership and continued focus on teacher growth and development is evident in all decisions you make and the support provided for our Charlotte NTSP team. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your time, attention and dedication to education does not go unnoticed!”

To: Jessica Simonik
From: Brandi Ledermann

“I am so grateful for your support, positivity, leadership, kindness and friendship!!! You da best!!”

To: Janique Sanders
From: Anthony Mungo Jr.

“Thank you so much for being a great mentor and support during my time at UNC Charlotte. Your commitment to planning interactive programming for students not only is impactful but also gives us the opportunity to connect the learning we learn in our classes to real-world applications. I appreciate your encouragement and dedication when it comes to building community on campus with other students and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential.”

To: Stephanie Bird
From: Brandi Ledermann

“I am so grateful for your kind heart, your mission to educate on self-care, your leadership and creativity! I am lucky to be on our CD team together!”

To: Tierra Williams
From: Brandi Ledermann

“I am grateful for your partnership, that we are in unison in our thinking, your strategic mind and your support! So glad we are partners!”

To: Jessica Kim
From: Brandi Ledermann

“I am so grateful for your amazing partnership, your attention to detail, tenacity and kind heart! Happy we get to work together!”

To: Sneha Samanta
From: Manasi Suryavanshi

“Hey roomie! I’m grateful to have met you. You are the perfect roommate one could get. We have cried together, laughed together and celebrated each other’s smallest of achievements. Your crazy matches my crazy.”

To: Kajari Bhaumik
From: Manasi Suryavanshi

“Hello Kajari! You are one friend I made with whom I can be myself. I’m grateful to have met you. Working, hanging out and doing any random thing with you is fun. All the best and I hope you achieve everything you wish for.”

To: Brenda Shue
From: Nikki K.

“As a new employee to UNC Charlotte, Brenda took the time, energy and patience to show me the ropes, introduce me to everyone she came in contact with and welcomed me to the Charlotte community. She has always been willing to answer all the questions that I had as I was learning the various aspects of my position as well. Brenda is a true asset to the UNC Charlotte community, and I am a better person and employee for knowing her, and I am very honored to call her my friend.”

To: Tabitha McDaniel
From: Kimberly

“Tabitha, Your expertise, competence, incredible organization and patience is such an amazing asset. You are my favorite person to collaborate with because I know whatever we work on will be done perfectly and I will have a great time while we do it.”

To: Teresa Shook
From: Kimberly

“Teresa, You have one of the most important jobs on this campus, and your knowledge and expertise know no bounds. I so appreciate what you do for us and for our students.”

To: Heidi Hodges
From: Accounts Payable

“Accounts payable is grateful for all of your eCR submission handled error-free. You’ve always followed the instructions you were given. We never have to return your eCRs because of errors or missing attachments. You always make sure that you post comments about using the contract to process the payments in lieu of an invoice. You’re an awesome employee!”

To: Briana Wilson
From: Shayauna Newsom

“Thank you for always keeping me grounded and for bringing sunshine into my life. You are a gift and I will treasure you forevermore.”

To: Joshua Boyd
From: Shayauna Newsom

“Thank you for being my bestie and my work bestie. Just because we are apart, doesn’t mean that you don’t take up space in my heart. I love YOU!”

To: Cathy Bolen
From: Anonymous

“You’re always friendly with a smile on your face. You’re always willing to understand how to get things right. I wish we had more people like you on campus. You’re awesome!”

To: Vicki Doolittle
From: Janice Mukhia

“Thank you for your professionalism. Your expertise in maneuvering difficult conversations with grace and versatility, your inspirational commitment to excellence as well as your intentional kindness has made working at UNC Charlotte an absolute pleasure.”

To: Jenn Howe
From: Shannon Homesley

“I could not do my job successfully — or possibly at all — without your constant help and support. I love working with you, and I really, truly, greatly appreciate you!”

To: Asher Haines
From: Vicki Plott

“When we hired you as the director of CE all those years ago I just knew in my heart you were going to do great things. From the bottom of my heart thank you for being an outstanding leader and for everything you do for SPS (and me). Your support has been unwavering for all of us and if you don’t get told enough. THANK YOU!”

To: Lori Fennimore
From: Vicki Plott

“Lori, thank you for the continued outstanding job you do for SPS, our team and your direct reports. It has been my personal pleasure to watch you grow in your career. You are one smart lady; we are lucky to have you.”

To: Terri Fish
From: Vicki Plott

“Terri, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your outstanding leadership. Your guidance, vision, and dedication has made a tremendous impact on our business team. Thank you for all that you do for us and for keeping everyone straight.”

To: Katherine Britt
From: Vicki Plott

“Katherine, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your outstanding leadership. Your wisdom, guidance, vision and dedication has made a tremendous impact on our business team with your outstanding ability to process map and just make us better in general. Thank you for all that you do for us, and for all of SPS!”

To: Heidi Hodges
From: Vicki Plott

“Heidi, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the improvements you have made over the last few months. You are a truly valued member of the business team, and you have had a tremendous impact on Summer School payroll, getting all of our instructors hired and paid and ensuring that our teams have the student workers they need. Thank you again for all you do for us and SPS!”

To: Melody Steigerwalt
From: Vicki Plott

“Melody, thank you for your unwavering support of SPS and all the behind the scenes things you do that no-one else is aware of. It has been my personal pleasure to get to know you since joining SPS, and I consider you not only a co-worker but a friend. Thanks again for all you do for SPS (and especially for our boss.).”

To: Cricket Bonnetaud and Debbie Smith
From: Kristy Lowman

“Your guidance and encouragement while an adult student helped me change my life. Your continued friendship and support as colleagues is immeasurable. Thank you both for being a part of my journey for the last 13 years!”

Notes to incredible faculty and teachers:

To: Professor Sami Shiridevich
From: Anonymous

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable role you’ve played in my academic journey as a graphic design student. Your talent is truly exceptional, and your ability to inspire goes beyond words. Your kindness, patience and unwavering support have made a significant difference in my learning experience. Your dedication to your profession and genuine care for your students have created a positive and enriching environment that I am truly grateful for. Your guidance has not only shaped me as a designer but has also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the art and craft of graphic design. Your encouragement has been a constant source of motivation, and I am thankful for the impact you’ve had on my creative journey. Moreover, I want to express my admiration for you as an influential woman in the field. You serve as a remarkable role model, and I look up to you with great respect. Your achievements and commitment to excellence inspire me to strive for the highest standards in my work. Thank you once again, Professor Sami, for being an incredible mentor and for contributing so significantly to my growth as a designer. I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you.”

To: Profesora Susana Cisneros
From: Anonymous

“Thank you for having so much dedication for your students. You have such a big impact on us, improving not only our Spanish but our lives through your fun activities and important lessons. Your big heart and wonderful smile always brings us joy every day!”

To: Marcia Britton
From: Teacher, Niner University
“Mrs. Britton, I am thankful for you. You are a wonderful, caring and intentional teacher. NUE is blessed to have you teach our future leaders. Have a blessed day!”

To: Jamie Sheppard
From: Anonymous

“Thank you for unwavering dedication to our communication studies students. Your compassionate and professional approach to advising enriches our department and elevates the overall Charlotte experience for our students. We appreciate you!”

To: Professor Laura Viale
From: Ashley Karpovich

“I am grateful for the patience and kindness you show me always. You encourage me when I feel like giving up and for that I am thankful!!”