Recognizing Fall Commencement graduates

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Belk College of Business

pranav jainBelk Scholar and business honors student Pranav Jain has lived in three countries, started a master’s degree while an undergrad and has accepted an offer to join Barclays.

denise wynnYears ago, Denise Wynn knew she wanted to earn a doctoral degree. Yet, with bills to pay and a demanding life tugging at her time and energy, she set the idea aside. Two decades later, she is adding the long-desired “Dr.” to her name.

mikenzie greenJust over three years ago as a high school student in Cary, North Carolina, Belk College of Business finance major Mikenzie Green couldn’t imagine her future: completing a four-year degree and a starting a promising career in business.

brian siriosWhen Brian Sirois graduated from high school in 2014, he stayed in his hometown of Glastonbury, Connecticut, to gain financial stability and mature, while working in the hospitality industry and attending Manchester Community College.

Cato College of Education

zakia williamsZakia Williams transferred to UNC Charlotte and grappled with changing her major. In a pivotal session, her academic advisor asked about her passion and what she wanted from a future career. Her answers guided her to pursue a dual major in elementary and special education.

cassidy jamesCuriosity and opportunity propelled first-year social studies teacher Cassidy James to a master’s degree.

College of Arts + Architecture
alabi orisedeleAlabi Orisedele is making his way in the Charlotte area. He has developed skills in various dance techniques, and professional performances in city venues have augmented campus concerts.

valentina varelaThis is the second consecutive December that a member of Valentina Varela’s family has graduated from UNC Charlotte. Last year, her brother, Juan, received a bachelor’s degree in finance and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Now, it’s Valentina’s turn.

College of Computing and Informatics
mehdi bourahiaSet to graduate with a master’s in computer science with a concentration in artificial intelligence, Mehdi Bourahia isn’t just representing UNC Charlotte and Niner Nation, but his home country and continent.
michelyn odeiMichelyn Odei always has a plan. Whether it’s looking five or 10 years down the line, this computer science major who is specializing in cybersecurity always had clear goals for her future.
College of Health and Human Services
At 16, Anna Linton transferred to Levine Middle College, which allows students to earn college credit while in high school. With an associate degree, she entered UNC Charlotte’s School of Nursing as a junior.
College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences
luther kissamA high school crush and a broken leg helped Luther “Cole” Kissam V find his passion for writing, but working through his mental health struggles set him on the path to become a published author and helped him develop the needed growth mindset after dropping out of college twice.

College of Science

prachi patel“Accelerated” isn’t just the term for the classes Prachi Patel took starting in middle school, it’s been her whole approach to education.

William States Lee College of Engineering
jabrail mcbrideWhen applying to colleges, Jabrail McBride set his sights on NC State and UNC Charlotte. Find out why this graduating senior is happy he became a Niner engineer.
sofia verdiWhen Sofia Verdi was deciding on a university, her top two choices were UNC Charlotte and Virginia Tech. One deciding factor was Charlotte’s rapid growth and the resources invested in the engineering program.
School of Data Science
Richard SternRichard Stern, a native of Johannesburg, South Africa, now calls Charlotte home. A senior data scientist with TIAA, Stern said a prior job sparked his interest in data science.