Submit 49ers Athletics Hall of Fame nominations by Feb. 16

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Nominations for the 2024 class of the Charlotte 49ers Athletics Hall of Fame are being accepted through Friday, Feb. 16. Members of the public can submit nominees, who will be voted upon by the 49ers Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

To be eligible for the 2024 class, a student-athlete’s final competition must have occurred in or before the 2017-18 season. Active Charlotte 49ers coaches and administrators are not eligible.

Eligible individuals who were nominated for the 2022 and/or 2023 Hall of Fame classes will remain on the ballot for the 2024 class and do not require a new nomination. To place a nomination, click here.

The 2024 class will include a maximum of five inductees.

Membership in the Charlotte 49ers Athletic Hall of Fame is limited to individuals who have brought great distinction to the University, enhanced its reputation, made outstanding contributions in one of the following areas and meet the following criteria:

  • An exemplary student-athlete with high athletic achievement. A period of no less than five full years must have elapsed since the completion of the student-athlete’s final campaign. Candidate must have earned a varsity letter and left the University in good academic standing.
  • A coach with a distinguished record who ended his/her professional relationship with the University in good standing.
  • An administrator who has made a long-term, exemplary contribution through strong leadership. Candidate must have ended his/her professional relationship with the University in good standing.
  • An individual whose contributions have brought distinction to the University’s athletics program.

More information is on the Charlotte 49ers website.