Sweet Couple: Cam and Rachel George

Cameron and Rachel George
Monday, February 12, 2024

Cameron and Rachel George met in 2017 when she interned in Charlotte’s Athletic Ticket Office. Like every good love story, the two became really good friends duirng her internship.

After Rachel's internship ended in 2018, the two started dating. They were married on August 21, 2021, and are expecting their first little Niner in July.

Their current campus roles, Cam is associate director of development operations in athletics, and Rachel is associate director of signature programs and sponsorships in alumni engagement, allow them to work collaboratively on athletic and alumni initiatives. 

Whether they are having a stressful work week or there is something going on in their personal lives, they are always there for each other. They can pick up the phone and call each other for advice or simply to vent and know they will receive words of encouragement and support. 

“We love UNC Charlotte for the wonderful support systems we have found among our co-workers and managers,” said Rachel George. “Both of our offices really revolve around a team mentality so no one is left high and dry in a tough situation. It really builds a great culture here that we both love.” 

Here is something you may not know about Cam and Rachel, athletics is their world. Cam George was a member of the Charlotte 49ers track and field team, competing in the pole vault and decathlon, and Rachel George played volleyball. They also have a labradoodle named Jax, who is a big fan of Charlotte dog days!