What do you love most about your Charlotte experience?

Green heart
Monday, February 12, 2024

We asked students to share what they love most about their Charlotte experiences, and their answers did not disappoint. 

“I have loved meeting my closest friends on campus through my learning community from my first year, shout out to the Global Village!” — Nanthana Sureshkumar, sophomore political science major

“What I enjoyed about my time at Charlotte is having the opportunity to connect with different communities on campus that reflect my interests and goals. As a graduate research assistant in the Center for Integrated Care, I have had the opportunity to sharpen my research and networking skills by doing outreach with different student organizations on improving health and well-being for marginalized student identities at Charlotte. I feel that Charlotte not only is committed to improving accessibility for different student groups but dedicated to ensuring that each and every person is seen in Niner Nation.” — Anthony Mungo, graduate student, post-master certificate in university and college teaching

“Here at Charlotte, I've met my amazing friends, an international mentee and my current partner. Thank you Charlotte for bringing me the people I care most about.” — Gracyn Dwyer, junior exercise science and health systems management major

“My favorite professors are my music professors Jason Dungee, Monica Hunter and Jacqueline Yost. Two of my high school friends also go to Charlotte. I love taking the light rail to Uptown Charlotte for games, concerts and musicals.” — Krish Sood, freshman music major

“I met my best friend at Charlotte and I was the first interdisciplinary studies student with a women's and gender studies concentration to graduate from this University.” — Sade Potter graduate student in social work 

“I loved teaching yoga during my undergraduate years. I love that the master’s in social work program has a distance education option that has allowed me to continue my education at the University despite not living in Charlotte anymore. I still feel a sense of pride and connection with this community.” -— Nicolette Campisano, graduate student in social work

“I love the ability to join and participate in groups that have so much passion.” — Tori Harshman, junior anthropology majo

“To love Charlotte is to live it and every day is a great day to be a Niner. From starting out as a tour guide leading students across campus, to now being an intern in the Office of OneIT, it has been a remarkable journey. I decided to live with random roommates freshman year, and picked up a new friend group on the way. We are still together to this date and naturally expanded over the years. Without Charlotte and our community, we would have never had that.” — Wes Huney, senior computer science and German major

“I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 1998 from Charlotte. Now as a graduate student, I love seeing how much the campus has grown and how much pride our students and alumni have for our University.” — Emily McEntire, graduate student in curriculum and instruction

“What I love most about Charlotte is how welcoming it has been for me and my family.  Born and raised in New Jersey, I always had the idea that a person like me would not ‘fit in’ in the South. It's not a place where I would belong. We arrived in 2013, and our experience has been short of magical. My daughters began their educational careers, and it has been incredible. I was afforded the opportunity to become an educator and explore my passion. After the pandemic, I started exploring the possibility of becoming a school counselor. Three years later, I will be graduating in May and have been working as an ESL school sounselor for Union County Public Schools.” — Jennifer Ruiz, graduate student in school counseling

“My professor Samira ShiriDevich is an extraordinary design professor who has left an indelible mark on my academic journey. Professor Sami's passion for teaching is truly inspiring. She has a genuine commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing the potential of each student. Her talent in the field is evident, but what sets her apart is her ability to teach a complex subject with enthusiasm and clarity. One of the most remarkable aspects of Professor Sami is her unwavering concern for the well-being of her students. I experienced a few obstacles during the semester that I had her. She stood as a beacon of encouragement and support. Her belief in me, when I struggled to believe in myself, played a pivotal role in my growth as a student and as an individual. Professor Sami has been that guiding force in my academic journey, and I am truly grateful for the impact she has had on my life.” — Jess Franco, senior graphic design major with a minor in art history

“I love Charlotte sports, from winning an NCAA tournament game in soccer at Transamerica Field to sending No. 4 Clemson home in the NCAA Baseball Regionals. But the ECU game in Halton was truly a spiritual experience, and I would do anything to get that building rocking like that regularly.” — Barrett McGuire, graduate student in accounting

“I love my job as an employer engagement assistant at the University Career Center.” — Ann Nelson, junior data science major

“What I have loved most is meeting my fiancé in the Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band. She was the sousaphone section leader, and I was in the drumline and later became the drum major. The time we spent together in marching band and doing events on campus was truly a great experience.” — Kenan Boswell, senior, music education major