Meet Mariah Manley

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Mariah Manley is a sophomore Honors College student majoring in health systems management with a Spanish and public health minor. She also serves as the civic engagement coordinator for the 49er Democracy Experience.

Why did you choose UNC Charlotte?

I chose UNC Charlotte because of the beautiful campus and the diversity that I saw on the website and in person. I wanted to attend a university that would allow me to grow and learn more about myself but still have that community feeling. I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina, which is a small city compared to Charlotte, and I wanted to have the big city experience. Everyone I spoke to when I was in high school that went to or was attending UNC Charlotte had so much enthusiasm for the University. I knew I had to attend UNC Charlotte.

What is your role with the 49er Democracy Experience? How did you get involved with the organization?

I am the civic engagement coordinator for the 49er Democracy Experience. In this role, I coordinate events and manage the organization’s social media accounts. Currently, I am working on social media posts to get students to join in on early voting and know where to vote. I am also, working on fixing the website and creating a link tree for students to have an easier time finding information. On Friday, Feb. 23, I coordinated and moderated the event, “The Importance of the Black Vote.”

I got involved with the organization after presenting my final project highlighting my work with Public School’s First NC, a nonprofit focused on public policy, in Dr. Catherine Tingelstad’s class and to Dr. Mark Sanders, who is a part of the 49er Democracy Experience. When I mentioned that I had experience with public policy and research, he asked me if I was interested in the work-study position and connected me with Dr. Tamara Johnson and Saliseah Scales. I was offered the work-study position and have been a part of the organization since.

How can students get involved with the 49er Democracy Experience and why should they?

Students can get involved with the 49er Democracy Experience by following us on Instagram, visiting our website and by attending our monthly events. Students can also get involved by volunteering and staying up to date on elections. Students should be involved with our organization because voting is important, especially in 2024. The 49 Democracy Experience wants students to have their voices heard and their opinions known.

Are you involved in any clubs or organizations on campus?

I am part of the Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Delta Pi honor societies, am a member of the Charlotte Conversationalists, am a mentor with UNC Charlotte’s Mentor Collective and am an intramural sports official.

What are three words to describe UNC Charlotte?

The three words I would use to describe UNC Charlotte are opportunistic, inclusive and motivated.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not studying or working?

When I am not studying or working I enjoy spending quality time with my friends that I have made here on campus, applying for opportunities that have been emailed to me and being immersed in the community of Charlotte.

What’s a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

I can only eat and enjoy the green version of fruits, such as green apples and green grapes.