Legislative Priorities

The North Carolina General Assembly convened Monday, April 25, for its short session, which will focus primarily on budgetary issues. The University’s 2016 legislative priorities are:

  1. Eliminate private fundraising cap. Last year’s adopted budget capped state spending on fundraising activities to $1 million. During the past five years, $3 million of annual state investment toward fundraising has resulted in an average of $25 million in private contributions and commitments per year to benefit UNC Charlotte.
  2. Extend 5 percent carryforward authority. The legislature approved an increase in the carryforward authority from 2.5 percent to 5 percent for the biennium to be used for repair and renovation projects. The UNC system seeks to extend carryforward for the next biennium.
  3. Salary increases for all University employees. 
  4. Funds for faculty recruitment and retention ($3 million). The fund was established in 2006 and has made more than 500 awards across the UNC system to attract and retain top faculty.
  5. Legislative approval for the student-financed health and wellness center. To finance a new student health and wellness center, UNC Charlotte seeks legislative approval for the debt financing for the facility’s construction and operations. Student fees will increase by $50 for the $64 million center, when it is completed.

We look forward to a successful legislative session and will keep you updated on progress about issues that impact UNC Charlotte. Email Betty Doster with any questions.