Students Helping Students

Most college students these days are digital natives — they grew up with Internet and are skilled in digital technology. So, it's fitting that's how they choose to raise money for causes they’re passionate about. And it seems to be working.

Four student-led projects recently kicked off 30-day campaigns through Crowdfund UNC Charlotte. Projects are submitted by students, faculty and staff members of the University.

The projects are off to a roaring start and continue for the next two weeks. Check out the student projects below.
Crowdfunding projects

  • Niner Student Pantry
    Funds will provide the Niner Student Pantry with new energy-efficient appliances, including a refrigerator, freezer, stove, microwave and additional supplies.
  • Loy Witherspoon Greek Alumni Scholarship
    The goal of this project is to raise an additional $10,000 to support the 2016 awarding of the Loy H. Witherspoon Greek Alumni Scholarship.
  • Hosseinzadeh Memorial Scholarship
    UNC Charlotte alumna Sheida Hosseinzadeh died while camping in Avery County. Hosseinzadeh’s family and friends hope to turn her tragedy into opportunity by helping young students succeed.
  • Pride of Niner Nation Uniforms and Drums
    The Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band took the field earlier this fall and is in need of uniforms in varying sizes, as well as new drums.