Hi, we're Charlotte. Nice to meet you.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Hi, we're Charlotte. Nice to meet you.

 Hi, we're Charlotte. Nice to meet you.

Well, technically, we’ve met. But a new introduction is in order.

We are still UNC Charlotte. You may have called us UNCC — but starting today, just call us Charlotte.

Why now? So glad you asked.

We’re about to be 75. We know who we are. And we know where we’re going.

It’s time to celebrate with a new look!

Like many universities, we’ve used two logos — ours were a crown and the newer All-in-C. Here they are:

 We’ve grown. And so has our city. As we shape what’s next, we’re bringing Charlotte to the forefront.
This is a first step of a larger rebranding effort that will continue throughout the fall as we share the pride of Charlotte with the world — a strong and dynamic University, boldly charging into the future, much like the city we are part of.


Bet you still have some questions. We have answers!



  • The official university website may now be accessed at charlotte.edu.
  • For the next year, users who continue to access university websites via uncc.edu will be automatically redirected to charlotte.edu.
  • Social Media handles and profile images are in the process of changing to the new brand.
  • The University will update exterior and interior signage over the next several years. Exterior signage updates begin in September and will continue throughout the academic year.

Celebrate with us!

  • Follow us on social media @unccharlotte to see how you can join us in celebrating the new brand during the first week of classes!