Alisha Parker

Senior, Belk College of Business

Without family nearby, her first year at UNC Charlotte was hard. “I was completely out of my comfort zone, but I became more independent and confident,” says Alisha. She joined Student Alumni Ambassadors, a group that connects current and past students, and took on a leadership role. “As vice president, I get things done and expand the organization,” she says. “College is more than a means to earn my degree. I want to absorb as much as it will give me.”

Many college students change their minds and majors, and Alisha was no exception. “UNC Charlotte let me develop who I am and what I want – plus helps me realize what I don’t want,” she says. Alisha planned on starting her own business, but a political science class piqued her interest in something bigger. “I stretched my imagination. Now my dream is to work for the UN or an international organization after grad school,” she says. “I love to help people, so I want to work with other cultures and change policies.”