Class of 2022: Kiyoshi Roberts

Management Information Systems, Belk College of Business
Engrossing, Challenging, Gratifying

Kiyoshi Roberts

Name: Kiyoshi Roberts
Hometown: Nassau, The Bahamas 
Major:  Management Information Systems
Minor: Operations & Supply Chain Management
Student Organizations: BCOB Peer Guide, Women in Business Ambassador 2021-2022,First Gen-Niner, Business Honors Program, 49er Connect Success Guide

Why did you choose UNC Charlotte?

I chose UNC Charlotte due to its closeness to the city and its excellent business programs. Additionally,  being invited into the Business Honors Program would mean that I would be a part of a prestigious group of individuals that I get to grow alongside during my journey.

Who is your favorite professor or staff member and why?

My favorite staff member was Zack Lord because he always encouraged me to be my authentic self. I would consider myself more of an introvert but throughout my practicum courses, I found myself becoming more at ease and willing to speak up not only in classes but also to advocate for myself and others. 

What are your immediate plans following graduation?

Applying and assessing current possible job opportunities. Assessing their culture to ensure it aligns in ethical manners to ensure my happiness, as my base in wanting to work for a company is also to ensure my work means something for the greater good

What excites you most about your major?

The fact that it entails both business and technology. It introduced me to the reality of our current stance in business work. I love the connection.

What was your favorite or most memorable moment outside of the classroom?

My most memorable moments outside of the classroom were at the Venture Ropes courses with the BCOB Peer Guides and the Women In Business Ambassadors in which we got to learn more about each other, the best ways to collaborate and find out more about each other’s communication skills. I will also always remember being able to ask CEOs at the C-Suite Speaker series questions on behalf of the BCOB student body and later networking with these CEOs.

What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t know before coming to UNC Charlotte? 

I have learnt that I am capable of anything that I put my mind to. I always knew that it would be a change moving away from my country, but I know that this change is called adaptability.

If you could tweet something to your 12-year-old self, what would it be? (280 characters or less!)

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”  - Colin Kaepernick

What advice would you give to an incoming student?

Find an organization on campus that feels like family! It will make the journey worth the while.The opportunities are endless and even when there seems to not be a way there is always a way, push through a little harder.

Summarize your Charlotte experience in three words.


Photo: Jordan G. Estabrook, University Communications