Davian Robinson

Senior, College of Arts + Architecture


Since arriving on campus, senior Davian Robinson – along with his seeing-eye dog Charlie – has made the most of his opportunities. For many individuals living with visual impairment, their disability can define their lives. But Davian sees things differently. He chooses to embrace his disability as more of a gift, granting him a new lease on life and a unique perspective on the art of dance.

Now a double major in dance and exercise science, Davian has found a home in the University’s Department of Dance. A home that has embraced his visual impairment and allowed him to realize that while most dancers focus on outer beauty, true artistic expression is allowing one’s inner being to shine through outward expression.

“UNC Charlotte has been a perfect fit for me, especially as a first-generation college student with a disability. The support from the University to foster a sense of inclusiveness and the willingness of the faculty in the Dance Department to develop strategies to bring me into the classroom as a hands-on, auditory learner, it’s given me a one-of-a-kind experience that I truly look forward to every day.”

Fueled by his passion for dance and a desire to inspire, Davian is breaking down barriers in dance while working to empower, inspire and motivate others.

He’s choreographing a piece for a student dance organization where he’s blindfolding his dancers in order to facilitate a sense of pure expression. Additionally, he’s developing a workshop focused on “sensory beyond vision,” where he’s working with dance faculty and students to learn how to better use their bodies in space without vision.

“I live with a ‘never quit’ mentality. Never quit, never give up, and never give in to life’s challenges but be willing and ready to say yes. When you do that, life becomes easy. If I can empower, inspire and motivate individuals to be the best version of themselves, then I’ve succeeded.”