Elliot Provance '03

Alumnus, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


Growing up playing in streams, Elliot always had a passion for marine life and aquariums. But it wasn’t until he arrived at UNC Charlotte that he realized he could turn his passion into a career.

"The professors at UNC Charlotte challenged the way I thought about organisms to get me to understand the basis of chemistry and physics. On a day-to-day basis, I use water quality, chemistry to analyze the health of our aquariums."

Elliot landed a job using his biology degree at Discovery Place Science in uptown Charlotte, where he’s the director of collections and exhibitions.

"At Discovery Place, we strive to inspire curious thinkers about science. And my job is a little bit of an intersection among entertainment, science and education, as well as art."

Building on the educational foundation he received from UNC Charlotte, Elliot continues to fuel his passion working with animals in a professional environment.