Growing the Options

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A lasting legacy. This story is part of a series demonstrating the achievement, impact and growth of UNC Charlotte under the leadership of Chancellor Philip L. Dubois.

Undergraduate and graduate student enrollment has blossomed at UNC Charlotte from 20,772 in fall 2005 to 29,615 in fall 2019. With those numbers have come the need for new ways to provide up-to-date options for keeping our growing student body healthy, happy and active for maximum performance inside and outside of the classroom. Facilities such as the new 148,000-square-foot University Recreation Center and the Popp Martin Student Union have been instrumental in providing a place for students to gather, get in shape, study or share a meal with friends. They can walk, ride or bike to hang out, thanks to various modes of transportation now available. The UNC Charlotte campus offers so many options for students to engage with each other. Just take a look for yourself.

A gold mine of opportunity