By the Numbers: Providing the Region’s Talent Pipeline

Monday, March 2, 2020

A lasting legacy. This story is part of a series demonstrating the achievement, impact and growth of UNC Charlotte under the leadership of Chancellor Philip L. Dubois.

As the city of Charlotte continues to grow, so does its relationship with UNC Charlotte. Charlotte’s continued ascension to a world-class city is powered by its status as a financial, business and tech hub. The University plays a critical role in fueling that growth in part by serving as the region’s talent pipeline. As a leader in workforce development, the University’s connection with the region is stronger than ever.


Here’s what business and community leaders had to say about the University’s impact on the region’s workforce.


Gov. Roy Cooper

“I want a North Carolina where people are better educated, healthier and have more money in their pockets and UNC Charlotte is helping to provide one of the most skilled, talented and educated workforces in the state.”

Tracy Dodson ’97, ’97, ’98

Charlotte Assistant City Manager and Economic Development Director

“The role of UNC Charlotte is very important; I can’t say it enough, as we grow tech talent in the city and region. The College of Computing and Informatics and its graduates are front and center of our story and we pitch that to companies we’re trying to recruit to the city. It’s important to create a city that talent will come to, stay in and grow in. If you think about it that way, the University is critical.”

Cheryl Lim

Vice President of Corporate Human Resources at Honeywell

“UNC Charlotte is our one-stop for finding graduates across many fields, including finance and engineering.”

Carol Lovin

Executive Vice President at Atrium Health

“UNC Charlotte plays a critical role in the shaping of Charlotte. We count on the University as a talent pipeline for us. Last year, Atrium Health took about 400 graduates of UNC Charlotte and about 50 percent of them were in STEM. We rely on our relationship with UNC Charlotte to make sure that people are ready to go day one.”