Celine Latulipe

Encouraging peer learning
Software and Information Systems Professor

A 2018 finalist for the Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence, Latulipe has a teaching philosophy centered on creating an environment in which students construct their own understanding.  To achieve this, she “flips” her classroom, requiring students to consume content outside of class so that they come into class prepared to actively engage in the material. She organizes students into teams to encourage peer learning.  

“We all learn better when we learn together, and when we do so, we simultaneously build the conditions for a better world,” said Latulipe. This innovative educational approach served as one of the core foundations of the Connected Learner proposal, which was awarded a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

As a mentor, Latulipe guides research students in novel and interdisciplinary ways to pursue research at the intersection of art and technology with a focus on creativity and design. Graduate student Johanna Okerlund stated Latulipe “actively embodies inclusivity and works to make the spaces she is involved in safer, more equitable, inclusive and fair.”