Thomas Marshall

Lecturer of Risk Management and Insurance

After retiring from a rewarding career as an insurance executive, Thomas Marshall desired to inspire the next generation of insurance professionals by pursuing a second career as a lecturer at UNC Charlotte.

Marshall, a Belk College of Business lecturer, is the inaugural recipient of the UNC Charlotte Award for Teaching Excellence, which recognizes outstanding non-tenure track teachers (primarily lecturers and adjunct faculty). He was honored for his devotion to students.

His teaching philosophy focuses on guiding and helping students to achieve personal and professional success as he seeks to have a positive impact on students’ lives.

Marshall views his role at the University as both a teacher and a lifetime mentor to the students, and he keeps in touch with past students by coordinating two alumni events each year.

In addition to teaching classes, Marshall leads study-abroad programs to London, Dublin, Zurich, and Bermuda. He also is the Belk College academic advisor to Gamma Iota Sigma, coordinates a semi-annual career fair on campus, and teams up with colleagues to develop and implement professional seminars.

Marshall stays highly connected to the industry and maintains regular contact with the Top 35 financial services companies that hire the majority of his students to ensure graduates are adequately prepared to meet corporate goals and add value to the company.