‘Light Rail Connects Us’ - train tests scheduled to start this week

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Later this week, the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) will begin testing trains along the route to the UNC Charlotte Main Station. There will be trains traveling at very slow speeds on the tracks and possibly stopping at the station on campus. This will occur primarily in evening hours.

Individuals should exercise caution and observe all signals and signs in the train areas, including when gates are lowered to prevent travel across rail lines. 

Remember the train is not open for passenger service. Stay off the station platform and away from any parked trains.

As a reminder, here are some additional light rail safety guidelines one should follow:

  • Do not walk on or near the light rail tracks except at designated pedestrian crossings
  • The overhead catenary system, which provides the electricity for light rail, is energized at all times. Individuals should never get near the overhead lines
  • Expect an increase in construction traffic on campus as the University continues to prepare for the start of passenger service. Stay alert when walking, and be mindful of any changes in traffic patterns
  • Pay attention when near active construction sites. Look for signage that will mark alternative pedestrian routes 

For additional updates and information about the CATS Blue Line Extension project, visit the University’s light rail website.

Additional information on campus construction projects, lane and road closures and schedules can be found here.