HR names 2018 Employee of the Year recipients

The Human Resources Department formally announces the 2018 Employees of the Year. They are:

  • Devotion to Duty

Buffie Stephens, University Communications

  • Human Relations

Dawn Tench, Office of Academic Affairs

  • Innovation

Lisa Meckley, Office of Enrollment Communications

  • Community and Public Service

Jordan Harris, Community Relations

  • Safety and Heroism

Virginia Fuentes, Parking and Transportation Services

Members of the 2018 Employee of the Year Selection Committee were:

Division of Academic Affairs

  • Charles Bodkin, Marketing
  • David K. Williams, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Jenna Rinalducci, Arts + Architecture
  • Carolyn Aguiar, Research and Economic Development
  • Juandra Burris, Academic Services
  • Barbara Howard, Cato College of Education

Division of the Chancellor’s Office

  • Jennifer Ward, Office of the Chancellor

Division of University Advancement

  • Stacie Young, University Advancement Operations

Division of Student Affairs

  • Brandi Simpson, Student Health Center
  • Connie Rampey, Office of Student Affairs
  • Larry Gourdine, Dean of Students

Division of Business Affairs

  • Roberto Ortiz-Zayas, Technical Operations & Planning
  • Salima Iskra, Materials Management
  • Rick Torres, Business Services
  • Denise Barnette, RMSS
  • NiCole Lynch, Facilities Management