University welcomes new employees

University welcomes new employees
Wednesday, December 18, 2019

UNC Charlotte welcomed the following new staff and faculty members during the Dec. 10 New Employee Orientation session:

Bawsey Mack Helms, offensive coaching analyst

Belk College of Business
Jay Reid Davis, executive director of external relations

Building Environmental Services
DeErra Bradley, administrative support associate
Maria Canales, building environmental technician

Cato College of Education
Megan Romer, new teacher support coach

Cone University Center
Nicholas Ashley, building environmental technician 

Disability Services
Daniela Suarez, student services specialist

Facilities Management
Heather Barnhardt, administrative support associate

Engineering Technology
Joan Lemcke, administrative support associate

Information and Technology Services
Robin Deck, networking specialist

Institutional Integrity
Whitney Badramraju, Title IX case manager

International Programs
Daniel Clausner Jr., international student advisor

Materials Management
Tina Moody, administrative support specialist

Political Science and Public Administration
Daisy Leon, program coordinator

Student Activity Center and Venue Management
Stephen Hargett, building environmental supervisor
Robert Lowe, building environmental technician

Student Affairs
Sarah DeWitt, health educator - mental health specialist

University Advancement
Rebecca Alves, university program associate

University Recreation
Hunter Benson, building environmental technician
Sharenea Brown, building environmental technician
David Hofmann, building environmental technician
Milagros Moron, building environmental technician

Ashlen Hammond, administrative support associate

New Employee Orientation, coordinated by the Human Resources Department, is a four-hour class with the remaining 12 hours of content moved to an online University Onboarding course in Canvas. New employees can work at their own pace to complete the course within their first 120-days on the job. Visit the learning and organizational development website for more information.

Photo: (back row, left to right) Rebecca Alves, Nicholas Ashley, Whitney Badramraju, Heather Barnhardt, Hunter Benson, DeErra Bradley, Sharenea Brown, Maria Canales, Daniel Clausner Jr., Jay Reid Davis, Robin Deck and Sarah DeWitt; (front row, left to right) Ashlen Hammond, Stephen Hargett, David Hofmann, Joan Lemcke, Robert Lowe, Tina Moody, Milagros Moron, Megan Romer, Daniela Suarez and Daisy Leon.