Student and temporary employee payroll are now biweekly

Monday, March 9, 2020

UNC Charlotte made a big change in when certain employees get paid. As a complement to work by the Student Success Working Group (SSWG), over the last year, Financial Services and Human Resources have worked to transition the student and temporary employee payroll from monthly to biweekly. Now, employees who use Web Time Entry (WTE) will be paid every two weeks instead of only once a month. 

Laura Williams, UNC Charlotte’s controller, said the change has been a long time coming because of the impact it could have on student success. 

“UNC Charlotte is known for its work to facilitate student success,” said Williams. “This decision mainly comes down to that. Giving students a job on campus potentially helps them be closer physically and mentally to their studies, and paying them monthly was not conducive to their financial needs.”

In other words, increasing the frequency of pay better enables student and temporary employees to meet their financial obligations and makes the option for students to work on campus more viable. It is convenient to their other academic responsibilities, and they could gain valuable work experience in their fields of study. Students who work for UNC Charlotte also have the opportunity to network with other students, faculty, and staff outside of the strictly academic setting.

To ensure this transition process is as smooth and easy as possible, training through the WTE video tutorial, WTE user and approver guides and updated FAQs, as well as assistance through emailing is available. For more information on the payroll change, visit the Financial Services webpage.