Bystander training to help prevent interpersonal violence receives grant, faculty and staff sign up available

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

UNC Charlotte is one step closer to preventing interpersonal violence thanks to a generous $15,000 donation from the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage. 

The Center for Wellness Promotion will partner with the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage (JKFFC) to launch the Green Dot violence prevention strategy. Green Dot is a bystander intervention strategy implemented nationally at many colleges and universities. 

“JKFFC’s generosity will create a meaningful impact at UNC Charlotte for years to come,” said Chelsey Walker, interpersonal violence prevention coordinator for the Center for Wellness Promotion. “Green Dot has the power to shape campus norms and create a community of engaged bystanders who actively intervene to protect fellow Niners. Violence is not inevitable and together, as a community, we can make a difference.”

With JKFFC’s support, interested UNC Charlotte staff and faculty will participate in a four-day virtual training to become certified in the Green Dot strategy. Training will be via Zoom May 18-21; faculty and staff can sign up here by April 19.

Participants will receive training on the bystander curriculum, a fidelity checklist for implementing the strategy and an overview of the principles and theory behind Green Dot. Staff and faculty who complete this training and become certified in the Green Dot strategy will be equipped to, in turn, lead bystander intervention training to students, faculty and staff on campus beginning in fall 2021. 

Interpersonal violence is a serious public health issue that affects college students. Bystander intervention is an important strategy in preventing violence because it recognizes all community members as potential allies and bystanders with an active role in creating a safer campus culture. Green Dot has the potential to change the conditions that make violence more likely to occur, and introduce new norms to create a safer, more proactive campus community. Through education, awareness and skills practice, participants are equipped to react and intervene in high-risk situations, resulting in the ultimate reduction of violence. 

“We see this investment as a great opportunity to support violence prevention efforts at UNC Charlotte. The bystander approach is a promising strategy in the field and Green Dot aligns with our mission to support innovative strategies to prevent violence before it ever occurs,” said Sherill Carrington, JKFFC’s executive director.

The Green Dot strategy consists of three training sessions including a one-hour overview speech for students, a one-hour overview speech for staff and faculty, and a five-hour bystander training for student leaders and influential subgroups on campus. 

The goal is to train 10 to 15% of the campus community by spring 2024. 

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage was founded by Jan and Ron Kimble, a former Charlotte deputy city manager. When their daughter Jamie was killed by her ex-boyfriend on Labor Day 2012, the Kimbles dedicated themselves to using Jamie's story to prevent intimate partner violence and to encourage healthy relationships in the lives of everyone, especially of youth and young adults. In early 2013, they founded the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage to support organizations and programs that create a future free of intimate partner violence.