Meet the graduate: Marice Raynor

Marice Raynor
Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Marice Raynor, a native of Kinston, North Carolina, is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Belk College of Business. Raynor’s post-Commencement plans are set, as he will be working with Bank of America as a wholesale credit analyst. A member of the Class of 2022, he talks about his Belk College experience, his campus involvement and offers a piece of advice.

What has been your biggest challenge and how have you faced it?
I was enrolled at Pitt Community College when I was injured in a major car accident. I had to take a step back from education to recover my mind and body. For a few years, I worked temporary jobs to keep myself financially stable before going back to school and continuing to work toward my goals. I worked 50 to 60 hours a week to pay for school. It was difficult, but I completed my associate degree and transferred to Charlotte. I have loved my experience transferring and moving across the state.

What has been the most valuable part of your experience at the Belk College of Business?
I have learned about the endless opportunities and resources offered by the college. Belk’s close-knit network has resulted in the teachers, organizations and even the career center being a valuable part of my success. 

You are involved in the National Association of Black Accountants. What are your responsibilities, and how does NABA help you build your career
This was my second year with NABA. I served on the executive board as vice president. I reached out to other organizations and corporate partners, aiding in the expansion of the organization. NABA has helped me grow many soft skills needed for my career, some things that can’t always be taught but rather experienced.

What is your long-term goal, and how is Belk College helping you achieve this?
I want to become a commercial real estate developer and open a real estate investment trust. Belk College is helping me achieve this by growing my networking skills and teaching me other skills that I need to live out my goal. The faculty have helped tremendously by taking an interest in helping a student like me build a foundation to achieve this goal.

What advice have you received that you’d like to share?
Life is an expedition, so don’t spend so much time on the end goal, but keep it in mind. Just conquer the daily tasks, and the journey will seem faster.

Describe your proudest achievement.
 With all the things I’ve been through, I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree —and put a smile on my mom’s and family’s faces.

What do you want your legacy to be
No matter the obstacles I faced, I found a way to succeed and live out my dreams and visions. I want to be remembered for helping others accomplish their own goals and build their legacy. 

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