Meet the graduate: Noah Hansil

Noah Hansil
Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Noah Hansil, as a member of the UNC Charlotte Class of 2022, is among the first undergraduates to earn a Bachelor of Science in Data Science from the University’s School of Data Science. A native of Gastonia, North Carolina, Hansil reflects on his time at Charlotte and his future career as a data scientist.

Why data science
Data science is a topic that requires you to think analytically, something I have always done. Data science allows you to solve real-world issues by diving deep into data. From the findings of the data, you can arrive at business decisions that make a difference. Also, data science is a growing field with many career opportunities across every sector you could think of.

And why Charlotte?
After two years at UNC Wilmington, I wanted to transfer. So, after looking at different schools in North Carolina, I chose to apply to Charlotte. After I was accepted, the University announced the addition of a new program, data science.

Is there one professor who most influenced your Charlotte journey?
The professor who has influenced my data science journey the most is Dr. Berardinelli. Prior to taking Dr. B’s class and my enrollment into the School of Data Science, I had never been introduced to the idea of data science. Dr. B’s class sparked my journey.

Do you have a favorite place on campus?
My favorite hobbies include lifting weights and playing basketball. The best place on campus to do those things is the University Recreation Center. You can find me there four to six times a week. 

What advice would you share with a high school student interested in data science?
If you’re interested in data science, introduce yourself to some principles in the discipline, such as programming, statistics and mathematics. A good way to go about this would be to enroll in A.P. Computer Science if it is available at your high school. If not, there are plenty of online tools available to learn data science related topics, and many of them are free to use.

What are your post-graduation plans?
Upon graduation, I will start a position as a data scientist at Global Payments. There, I will focus primarily on analytics software that small- to medium-sized businesses can use to increase their revenue through selective marketing and item selection.

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