New Bonus Policy for UNC Charlotte

Friday, February 24, 2023

As a way to attract and retain the best employees, especially in hard-to-fill positions, the UNC System allows institutions to provide sign-on and retention bonuses. 

The Office of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs finalized updates to University Policy 101.26, Sign-On and Retention Bonuses for Permanent Employees, which was approved by the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees at their Feb. 8, meeting.  

A sign-on bonus is a discretionary bonus that serves as a recruitment incentive and aids in the employment of individuals for critical positions that have labor market shortages which affect the business needs of the University and impair the delivery of essential services. A retention bonus is a discretionary bonus that may be granted by the University when an employee would likely leave the University in the absence of a retention incentive. 

The full policy can be found on the HR website, along with frequently asked questions and request forms. The website also provides the process supervisors, business officers and human resources/academic affairs personnel must follow.